Bose In-Ear Headphones

by Kongyun He

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What is it?

Why do you think it’s desirable? Do your best to explain what you think works or not about it psychologically or emotionally for the user?
Bose is famous for its audio products so the Bose SoundSport is appealing to customers looking for high-quality earphones with great sound effect that is suitable to wear during workouts. I found this product especially desirable as the rubber in-ear inserts come in different sizes and can be switched to fit individual’s ears perfectly, which makes it less likely to slip out when people are active. This was important to me as I found Apple’s earphones and Airpods do not fit my ear at all.
The cord on Bose SoundSport hangs around the neck and can be clipped onto clothes to secure the headphones even more, so I do not have to worry about losing them, which is also another concern I had for AirPods.

How your review compares to the previous reviewer
The previous reviewer talked generally about all the important features and functions of the product. I focused mainly on how this product is different from one of its competitors and why this product might appeal to certain customers.

Previous reviewer response
The SoundSport is the newest version of active in ear-headphones by bose. These were especially designed for people who are going to be active while using the headphones. Most of the changes become evident when you compare this model to other past models by Bose. The cord on the soundsport is 42 inches long. This is 3 inches shorter than before because they don’t want there to be extra cable hanging around while you are performing your activity. The in ear piece is sweat resistant. The inline remote design is also a good feature with this product. The buttons are tactile make it easy to operate by feel.

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