Blender Bottle

by Adam Moqrane


Blender Bottle is the best-selling shaker bottles on the market since 2004. The branding of the bottle along with its quirky metal whisk type ball has allowed for it to stand out among thousands of gym-bottles on the market. Gym product visibility really helps marketing particularly in the fitness industry and BlenderBottle in their early days were very keen to heavily target fitness models with large followings to use their products to market others from a range of gym supplements to on the go drink combinations. The size and color ranges made the bottles easy to use for all demographics across the fitness space and the branding (which includes a foolproof logo and brand name) made it a staple for consumers who may be lost in an overwhelming pool of potential products. However, it really was the revolutionary design of the mixing ball which has provided the company with its consequential success.


The blender ball is one of the easiest ways to make a protein shake on the go. In the past when I have not had access to a blender ball it has been extremely difficult to properly mix my protein powder into a drink. Stirring it is a tedious process and even when using a regular bottle, you still have to shake it for a minute. After an annoying minute of shaking your drink, the protein still isn’t fully mixed in, so you’re left with clumps of protein in your mouth. The Blender Ball is the easiest way to make a protein shake in under 10 minutes. The ball, known as a “whisk ball”, easily mixes your protein into your drink. I love that such a small ball was thoughtfully designed to make mixing protein into much easier than the traditional way.

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