YSL Lipstick

by Vivian Zhou

This is a makeup product from a luxury brand, and I think its desirability comes from this luxuriousness – the packaging in shiny and intricate, and while I haven’t used the product myself, the formula probably feels at least decently nice. The previous reviewer seems to reflect this same sentiment, highlighting its aesthetics, expensive smell, and quality. Using this product signals high class and put-togetherness to both to others and to yourself. For many users of this product, I imagine it is also a way of aspiring to higher class, especially because as a relatively small product, it is probably more affordable than other luxury items.

Previous review:
“This week, I decided to post something a bit different from what I usually post – a physical beauty product in the form of YSL lipstick. I have been addicted to YSL lipsticks ever since I tried it for the first time a few years ago. The design of the lipstick is seamless – everything from the aesthetics of the case (it is exquisite to look at), to the smell (it smells expensive, if that’s possible, and I think it is), to the quality of the lipstick itself (extremely moisturizing and luxurious). I’ve tried different lipsticks besides YSL, but keep coming back to it due to the factors mentioned above, despite its high price point.”

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