Molson Canadian Commercial


This is a commercial for Molson Canadian, a Canadian brewing company. I love the sense of familiarity that this commercial evokes. I grew up in Toronto, and the commercial shows flashes of the Toronto streetcar, a very familiar site. I also really appreciate the story that the commercial tells. You can tell that the people are confused at first, but slowly figure out how to interact with the fridge shown. It is genuinely exciting to watch these apparent strangers work together to unlock the fridge.

The strong emphasis on multiculturalism and community remind me of what makes me proudest to be Canadian 🙂 I think that this commercial is particularly effective in evoking a response from Canadians: the previous reviewer and I both highlighted the ways in which this made us feel a kind of national pride.


Previous response:

This commercial was released a few years ago, but has recently popped up again on social media, given the current political landscape. Besides the inspiring message, I love how it is designed like an impromptu experience for lucky commuters. The viewer feels like they are actually in the moment, and have to figure out how to open the fridge with the actors. It combines this feeling of belonging, with the (not actually but seemingly) mutual desire for a beer, which transitions to just wanting to achieve something as a group. I love it! And it makes me proud to be Canadian (see, we’ve got stuff to show beyond Justin Trudeau).

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