LL Bean Boots

by Kate Travis

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LL Bean Boots

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For people in snowy, wintery climates, a sturdy pair of boots are the most essential part of their wardrobe. The LL Bean Boots are perfect for all kinds of winter weather, because they not only protect your feet from snow, slush and mud, but they also stay in good enough condition that you can pair them with almost every outfit. I’ve had my LL Bean boots for 2 years, and they still look like I’ve only had them for a week. This means that when I wear my Bean Boots, I know that I have the convenience of good footwear, without having to worry about them ruining my outfit.

Differences in reviews:

The previous reviewer focused more on ways to customize the Bean Boots to fit different styles. She also mentioned the lifetime warranty, and talked about a time they came in handy for her.

Previous review text:
I could not survive a winter without my LL Bean Boots! They provide warmth from the snow and fully waterproof protection as well. Not only do they keep your feet warm but they also look fantastic, and I love switching up the laces with some Timberland laces to add a degree of uniqueness to mine. I personally prefer the ones that are not lined with wool because it allows for more versatile use. My boots easily survive the snowy winters and rainy springs of New England. What’s even more compelling is their lifetime warranty, so you can’t go wrong on this investment. If my boots were able to make it through the muddy pit at Yardfest it can likely stand the test of time!

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