The iMessage Dots Bubble is a timely animated signal when the other person is typing.
It is a thoughtful design that can make conversations more fluent and efficient by letting you know the message is delivered and reminds you not to leave nor interrupt his/her response.
Compared to traditional text messages similar to E-mails, Visualization of typing turn the plain words into live chats, arouses curiosity and anticipation, so that will keep both sides active and engaging.
However, the design could be less desirable to those who prefer privacy and some bit of mystery when texting. Also, as a person used to type slowly, it could be awkward to keep the other person waiting when typing for a long time, eventually send out only a few words. Besides, this instant mode loses the joy lit up by Ding signals when expected someone’s message.
The previous reviewer explains how dots bubbles make conversations work better. My review agrees with it and raises concerns about why some may find it less desirable.

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I find the iMessage dots feature incredibly useful. The dots let you know if the other person is typing, which tells you several important things. Number one, you know that the other person is in the middle of typing something so you don’t leave the conversation. Two, it prevents you from interrupting him or her before that person is done saying their things. Three, it is also an indicator that the person has read your texts and has began to respond.
I appreciate this feature because as someone who has the tendency to interrupt a text conversation, the dots bubble lets me know the pace of conversation.