HEX DLSR Camera Backpack

by Sally O'Keeffe

This camera backpack seems very useful. As a photographer, I would appreciate a bag like this because all the camera bags I use are over the shoulder and very awkward since they stick out of your side and are easy to bang into things when you’re walking. I really wish this had a place to put a tripod because that’s the only major component missing. Some medium and most or all large format cameras require tripods, and I use the Pentax 645z which can only be used on a tripod. I currently use a giant Herschel backpack with a smaller camera back inside when going through airports with a tripod, but it sticks out on either end of the flaps and is just generally both a hassle and a hazard because the legs are heavy steel and have hit me before. The previous review said that it’s a “great all around camera bag” but the lack of a tripod holder is a deal-breaker for me.

Previous Review:
I ran into this camera bag when going through Instagram one day. This bag is a great all around camera bag for photographers that need to travel a lot while taking their photos. The bag is made with cushioned straps and a cross latch to ensure security while hiking. The bag opens from both the back as well as the top. The back allows access to all of your equipment while the top is a quick access point to grab your camera. The bag also can be rearranged to fit the different types of gear that a photographer might have.

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