Hello Fresh

by Vivian Zhou

This is a food preparation and delivery service. I think the main draw it has comes from convenience, customizability, and its facilitation of a skill that can otherwise be challenging, time-intensive, and expensive to acquire. The convenience aspect comes in the form of weekly food deliveries, straight to your doorstep. Recipes are already selected and ingredients are already portioned out and prepped as much as possible, so you can dive straight into cooking. Hello Fresh accommodates nicely for people’s different diet and taste preferences, as it allows you to adjust number of portions, types of foods/ingredients, and type of diet plans. The combination of these factors allows anyone to cook their own food without worrying about grocery shopping for different ingredients, spending too much time on preparing ingredients, and finding different recipes to try. The original reviewer seems to focus more on the convenience aspect with ingredients, but otherwise emphasizes more the versatility of recipes, maybe because they are someone who already cooks a lot frequently so they are not beginners. This shows that the product is suitable for both beginner cooks, whose priorities may be more about acquiring skills and having instructions, as well as more experienced ones, whose priorities are probably more convenience related.

Previous reviewer:
“Hello Fresh is a food company that sends you a weekly package of food ingredients as well as a few recipes for the week to make with the food you’re provided. For someone like myself who ends up cooking the same 4-5 meals all the time, it’s a great way to explore new recipes and mix up what I’m eating. It also saves money on buying some more expensive ingredients (seafood, certain vegetables) since it provides them in the quantities you need and for the same weekly price. You also don’t run into the issue of having too much food of a recipe you may not have liked, which can be a problem when you first explore new recipes on your own. Overall it’s a great company that really expands your cooking abilities and lets you try fun new foods with less hassle.”

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