Fairy Lights

by altringerfiles@yahoo.com

Fairy lights are almost like Christmas lights: a long string of lights that can be hung up indoors! They come in many varieties and colors. For example, some strings of fairy lights have clips attached so that you can hang photos.

Personally, I feel like fairy lights can make a space more cozy. Especially in a college dorm room, fairy lights are a fun way of improving how well-lit your room is, while adding a comforting and homey touch.

Additionally, it can be nice to have some mood lighting in a space. In comparison to overhead lighting, fairy lights produce a very subtle warm glow.

I expanded a little bit on the topics discussed in the past review, which was quite brief.

PAST REVIEW: https://designsurvivor.tumblr.com/post/160000684785/what-ive-got-fairy-lights

Fairy lights are a very small string of LED lights that are like a new version of Christmas lights. The lights are wired into the string so they can be hung in most indoor rooms and will emit enough light. They make great great gifts during holidays. The lights are a nice warm temperature and last longer than normal lights.

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