by Vivian Zhou

This is a feature of Apple products. Its desirability comes from its quickness and easiness when it comes to sharing various types of files, especially large transfers. Before airdrop, sharing photos and videos was very frustrating because it is very slow to send large files, and oftentimes files would get compressed into lower quality through the process. The original reviewer similarly highlighted that it is “faster and easier than emailing” but found it more necessary to explain the exact functionality of this feature.

Original review:
“AirDrop is feature that lets you transfer files between two Bluetooth enabled Apple devices. To work, both devices need to have bluetooth enabled. You can choose to be invisible, be visible to only your contacts, or be visible to everyone. Because it’s bluetooth, there are usually not that many people around. Once you see the person you want to transfer a file too, you just drag it on their other persons icon. When you receive a file, you get a notification. You can choose whether or not to accept. 
For one of the challenges in this class, my partner and I used airdrop to transfer files. It’s both faster and easier than emailing.”

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