enhance bleeding-edge dynamics. map porous networks. re-tool abandoned programs. Looking for some fancy vocabulary for your next architecture design review? The landscape urbanism bullshit generator got you covered. (http://www.ruderal.com/bullshit/bullshit.htm) How it works is that it creates random combinations from 3 pools of architecture jargon – verbs, adjectives, and nouns. There are many versions of these sites since the first version (http://www.bullshitgenerator.com/) such as Web Economy Bullshit Generator, The Corporate B.S. Generator,  Donald Trump Bullshit Generator, just to name a few. I am compelled by how widespread such websites are across industries. It does not provide much useful service, but a fun game that allows people to critically think about their industry. It is a bit scary that the random phrases generated from these sites actually sound familiar although not making any sense. I mean, why do we need such excessively flowery, obscure vocabulary in architecture?