Question Anything “Smart-”

by general

The Withings Activite is a smartwatch at its simplest. It presents itself as an analog watch, but it has bluetooth capabilities and is able to track heartbeat, step count etc. The Activite does not have a touch screen – nor any digital screen at all. Everything ‘smart’ about it is passive; i.e. it automatically winds itself to the correct timezone based on your phone’s last known location. Seeing it as one of the few tech products that are not designed and packaged to be flashy or gimmicky, the Activite brings up this question: Do new technology products have to be constantly ‘in your face innovative’ to appeal to consumers? The analog world is well under way to transition into a new, smart digital age. With computer-integrated home systems like Nest and Google assistant, or the wireless charging furniture that even Ikea now manufactures – there will eventually be a digitized version of every single object we come into contact with, and they are here to stay. We as the consumer braving this shift have the right to question how new technology is introduced into our lives, and the implementation should be carefully evaluated and considered.

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