3D printing has for some reason been branded primarily as a STEM education feature and less of as a creative/hobbyist activity. This is expressed in the way the manufacturers sell their printers. Most manufacturers ship their product completely disassembled, inexperienced users will most often have to first jump through the hoops of assembling a piece of electrical appliance from the ground up before even learning how to master 3D printing. Dremel’s line of printers, especially the 3D45, changes the approach by shipping a ready-to-print 3D printer right out of the box. Not only is it easy to print for the layperson, the 3D45 also features semi-auto bed leveling and RFID filament identification. One of course still needs to perform regular maintenance on the machine, but models like the 3D45 greatly demystifies the seemingly profound process of 3D printing by simplifying the set-up process and its approach.