Mules, dubbed the 2017 “it shoe” of the summer by Elle magazine, are a historic shoe making a powerful comeback. They boast a professional, leather shoe which, despite its class, is casual, comfortable, and wearable due to its “slip on” access. Take the comfort and relaxation of the flip flop and pair it with the professionalism and class of the penny loafer and you’ve got yourself a pair of mules, making them an incredibly desirable accessory for women, specifically working women. The comeback of the mule has been so overwhelming that in 2015, the NY Post questioned if it was actually a “crime against fashion”, particularly referring to the fur-lined leather slip-on mule. Yahoo Style Editor-in-chief noted : “people love something that is a new take on something familiar…this fur and horse-bit loafer does the same,” in reference to why this apparent “crime against fashion” has become one of the most desirable items in recent years. Overall, the return of the mule and the success of its furry rendition demonstrate how good design can stem from absurdity, and how coupling seemingly outrageous, new ideas with old classics can prove to be a hugely successful pairing.