Skateboard bearings are the reason why skateboards can go as fast as they do. Skateboard bearings, which are small, are incredibly complex and follow a ball bearing manufacturing model (which is present in most major vehicular manufacturing outputs like airplanes). These bearings contain at a very cursory overview 3 main components which are the rubber shield, the steel balls, and rings. The rubber shield serves as a main form of protection for the bearings by being present on the outside layer, protecting dirt and other debris from getting stuck between the balls. The balls, which are arranged in a circular layer, are the inner mechanism for rotation and are lubricated to spin very fast and long, causing the rotations of the skateboard wheels which they are housed in themselves. Finally, the rings, which house the bearings and other smaller components, are the actual “circles” that are rotating themselves. Put together, these bearings are attached to the axle of a skateboard and have a wheel surrounding them that will then proceed to spin when someone pushes on a skateboard. This complex yet incredibly small component provides the lifeblood for a pastime that has become a culture for millions of people across the world.