Growing up, at lunch time the most recognizable meal that everyone had was not a sandwich that one’s mother packed them but rather one that was mass manufactured in a packaging plant probably hundreds of miles away. More specifically, I am talking about Lunchables which are a “boxed” lunch immensely popular among American youth. In each of these boxes contains a plastic container that is outfitted with 3 main sections. One section will contain a main entrée, e.g. a pepperoni pizza, the other section will contain a side dish or some sauce, and the last section will contain a candy. Coming with this container is also a drink. To me, this product is iconic because of the way that a “complete” lunch can be packaged and eaten by users. It is designed to generate as little waste as possible, because most of the food is “finger food” and all remaining trash can be push back inside the box to be thrown away. Additionally, the marketing for the product was often ingenious, containing promotional campaigns that featured the faces and likenesses of famous movie characters, like the Transformers, on the box to entice kids to convince their parents to buy them for lunch as they go through the supermarket aisle.