The HTC Vive Pro is a step forward in the virtual reality space albeit a very pricey one. Coming in at $1,400 dollars, this is a product not just designed for the average consumer for the incredibly dedicated enthusiast. Looking at the product itself, the major upgrades over the two main headsets in the marketspace (HTC Vive, regular, and Oculus Rift) are the 1) presence of augmented reality cameras and 2) the refresh rate. The HTC Vive Pro features two cameras in the front which serves as pseudo-eyes. This is an interesting evolution in virtual reality as it allows for developers to now design games that simultaneously interact with the real world. The refresh rate is also a play into making the experience of the product more “life” like. Refresh rate, refers to how many frames per second the screen in the device displays, is directly tied to the smoothness of the image. As refresh rates go up, the image becomes more smooth and feels like better imitation of watching movement in real life.