As group of rafters lacked proper protection while trying to push the limits in the sport, they created helmets and other protection and started the company Sweet Protection which is a manufacturer of sports equipment. The company was established in Østerdalen, Norway in 2000. Sweet Protection develops mainly ski/snowboard, hiking, and rafting/paddling equipment. The company is most famous for its ski and snowboard helmets.   The helmet is Sweets Protection’s answer to the quest of making “cool” sports protection, using advanced materials, technologies and good looking designs.  The idea was always inspired by California’s board cultures they also wanted to show culture trough the product and through the design.   In 2003 Sweet won the ISPO award for best newcomer. In 2012 Sweet focused on racing by having skier Aksel Lund Svindal wearing a hand-crafted rooster corsa helmet in the alpine world cup in Sölden, Austria. The helmet was “made from pre-preg carbon and thermoplastic fibers, is baked in an autoclave, the same technique used to make Formula 1 racecars.”   As for their “normal people” helmets, the Trooper II is a great solution to the “cool protection” task. It’s one of the most advanced free ride helmets on the market, as its made from advanced materials and because of its unique design its also a very attractive thing to look at. The helmets can also have a built in audio system, which lets you listen to music while skiing without having to use normal air pods.