Virgil Abloh, creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear + founder of the Off-White clothing brand, is taking over the design world, and has been noted as one of the most influential figures in shaping the fashion industry. Most recently, Abloh launched a collaboration with Evian, launching a new sustainable design for Evian water bottles that are meant to promote the brand as well as its eco-friendly mission.  What is most interesting about this collaboration is that Abloh is notorious for his street-style fashion success, launching collaborations with LV x Supreme and turning Off-White into an iconic, internationally recognizable brand. The designer’s collaboration with Evian signals that Abloh is much more versatile than just a fashion designer; his unique ideas and aesthetics can be applied to making almost anything more desirable and appealing. Particularly, Abloh has demonstrated that he has no limits when it comes to design, which should urge young designers (or fashion hopefuls) to step outside of the fashion-sphere once in a while, and challenge themselves to produce successful designs regardless of the medium. Abloh has redefined what it means to be a designer, and his success stems from his ability to apply these street, young, refreshing aesthetics to nearly any product.