This is the single best thing I’ve ever purchased on Amazon. The first thing to know is that I think fresh black pepper is the best spice in the world. It’s an obvious thing to add to a dish but it seems that it’s so often neglected. Most people buy either ground pepper or one of those plastic mills from the grocery store. The flavor that you get either of those pales in comparison to fresh pepper from a quality grinder. A few years ago I purchased this grinder for around $40 on Amazon. That might sound like a lot but after using it for years, I would say that $40 is a steal. This grinder is absolutely fantastic in terms of getting evenly ground fresh pepper into your dishes. The design uses a rotating top that makes it easy to pour on more pepper in one twist than you could probably get out of 20 seconds of grinding using one of those plastic things from the grocery store. Refilling is super easy via a little trap door compartment that twists open. I always keep fresh Tellicherry peppercorns on hand when my grinder needs a refill.