For my last coffee related post, I’m covering perhaps the most important component in my routine: the V60 dripper. I would also consider this one of the most iconic designs in the canon of coffee brewing devices and accessories. It won Japan’s “Good Design” award in 2007 and can be found in coffee shops and the homes of enthusiasts all around the world. The device itself looks like a cone-shaped coffee mug. It comes in a variety of colors and materials, most notably the classic white ceramic and the clear plastic versions. It sits atop your actual coffee mug or carafe, allowing you to place a filter and coffee grounds inside it and pour hot water through. The magic of the V60, and the pour-over method itself, is that versus a traditional coffee maker which drips water through grounds at a steady pace, you’re able to allow water to spend more time in contact with the grounds as it makes its way through the cone-shaped funnel. Inside the device are ridges that press against the grinds, slowing the flow and creating a spiral flow. The V60 is fun to use and it’s a great looking accessory, both when you’re using and when it’s just sitting on a cabinet.