WIG: NYC Streets


The grid layout of New York City (Manhattan island) has proven to be not only incredibly successful in terms of getting from point A to point B, but also hugely iconic. The way in which NYC streets are designed – with the horizontal streets beginning labeled by number and increasing from south to north, and vertical streets numbered numerically (or replaced by famous names such as Madison or Park Ave) ranging from east to west – is a wonder when it comes to finding your way around the busy island. It is such an ingenious way in which the crazy and overwhelming business or noise of Manhattan can seem much calmer, easier, and more accessible. However, this street numbering system has also become iconic, as certain street numbers indicate particular parts of town. For example, any person boasting a house or apartment on Park simultaneously signals enormous wealth, while lower numbers closer to the Village or SoHo demonstrate a perhaps younger, more “hip” vibe. Therefore, the street numbering system has made it incredibly easy for New Yorkers to share and convey the environment in which they choose to live, as well as much more accessible for them to get around.

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