Our traditional view of coffee is associated with warmth and breakfast-time. Iced coffee is a trend that breaks these standards by being a perfect beverage throughout the day during springtime and summer. Although iced coffee is regularly more expensive than its hot counterpart, young people are flocking to this drink due to the new experience that it provides. Stabbing the lid with a straw and shaking the cup once in a while to mix in the melted ice with coffee is a unique experience that we don’t associate with a regular cup of hot coffee. I, for instance, think of a tiring office job when looking at a regular white mug of hot coffee. When drinking iced coffee, you have an option to add various syrups and different kinds of milk. I usually opt for no syrup and add soy milk. It is fascinating how adding ice to an existing drink has created more demand for the product during summer and created a new audience for coffee. ” Every year, that demand is increasing: The United States is becoming a cold-brew nation,” reads a New York Times article on “How Cold Brew Changed the Coffee Business.”