Want to create a website for personal or business use but don’t know how to code? Squarespace provides an easy solution for it. There are numerous beautiful templates to choose from, based on which you can further customize in an intuitive interface. With a few dragging and dropping, I was able to create my own portfolio site in a day which automatically adapts itself on different devices. Another feature that I enjoy a lot is the analytics function of Squarespace. What it does is that it automatically tracks and visualizes the traffic (number of visitors and their geographical location), the sources (direct/search/social media/referral), search keywords, and popular content. You don’t need to be a data expert to gain insights of how you may improve the content and visibility of your website. The pricing is based on a monthly subscription model, which is quite flexible. Squarespace largely increases the ability of users out of the three factors of Fogg Behavior model.