Ok, another post of coffee. This time, I’m sharing an essential tool for my pour-over routine: the Hario V60 Drip Scale. In my post about my grinder, I failed to mention that a large part of the control that you get in using the pour-over method is in the amount of coffee you use. In order to get a precise measurement every time, you need a scale that can measure down to a tenth of a gram. And because you, like me, might be using a bunch of other different coffee equipment, you need need a scale that can tare, zeroing out the scale to the weight of whatever you have placed on top of it. This comes in handy if you want to measure your coffee, or water, inside of a heavy container without having to do a bunch of math in your kitchen. Many pour-over guides will specify how long, or how fast, you should drip water through your grinds. If you’re doing that, it’s really nice to have a timer built into the same device you’re using to weigh everything. All of these features, to be honest, are table stakes for me. I love this scale for two real reasons. First, it’s the design. This matte black device looks great and stays looking great over time. It’s finished with a coating that keeps coffee stains from forming (really useful!). The second reason I love this device is that it doesn’t have an auto-reset feature that many other scales and timers do. Before buying this scale, I owned a cheaper scale that I bought on Amazon. It would frequently shut-off or reset while I was making coffee and I would lose the precise measurements that I worked so hard for. With the Hario V60 Scale, I’ve never had this problem.