The Bose SoundLink Mini II has carved out a niche for itself in the wireless speaker market. It is not the most portable Bluetooth speaker out there, due to its relatively hefty weight and lack of waterproofness. Nor does it offer sound quality superior (though many say it is comparable) to larger and/or more expensive in-home speakers. Rather, the SoundLink Mini strikes a happy medium between the two ends of the spectrum. In terms of a speaker that can be easily moved around the house, the SoundLink Mini is one of the best options, and its design speaks to this particular appeal. Bose uses an unibody aluminum casing for this product, reminiscent of the material used for Apple laptops, which exudes sleekness and durable construction. In comparison to more portable speakers with plastic casings, this gives it the feel of a long-term household device. The SoundLink Mini also comes with a charging dock (pictured) that both makes charging even simpler, and acts as a sort of speaker stand. Coupled with an extremely simple setup process and top-level sound quality, this makes the SoundLink Mini a portable speaker that also doesn’t feel out of place as part of a home speaker setup.