My eyesight isn’t that bad. I’ve been wearing glasses for about 10 years now but still only need them in three specific scenarios: 1) when I’m driving, 2) when I’m watching movies or tv, and 3) when I’m in a classroom. But whenever I find myself in one of these situations, I rely on one of my two pairs of Moscot glasses. In the age of Warby Parker, I’ve come to love these frames, and this company, at a level I never thought I would have for eyewear. In fact, before I first tried Moscot frames, I owned two pairs of Warby Parkers. I thought they looked good but the quality was average. What bothered me most, in all honesty, about owning Warby Parker frames was running into people wearing the exact pair I owned in the wild. As embarrassing as it is to admit, their popularity all but ruined them for me. I found myself looking for something more unique and novel. This is when I discovered Moscot, an independent eyewear company with a long history in New York City. Their “heritage” story resonated with me in a way that’s rare these days, as most legacy brands have cheapened their quality over the years or lost the ability to create unique products. Moscot’s prices are higher than Warby Parker, to be sure, but what you get is a better quality product and an iconic design. I love how Moscot has been able to refresh and remix their most popular styles, such as the “Lemtosh,” pictured above. In these frames, I rarely run into someone wearing the same style and get lots of compliments on their look. Nowadays, the only compliment I fear is “Are those from Warby Parker?”