If you’re like me and enjoy looking at playful interactive mockups and tranquil gradients, Muzli is a great Chrome extension for you. Built by InVision, the extension overrides your tab so when you open a new tab, you’re greeted with an endless series of articles about design, from UI typography to motion design to comparisons of tools. As an inspiration tool, the products it shows are often more aspirational than practical. Nevertheless, it’s desirable because it brings inspiration into what one normally views as a mundane experience: opening a new tab. It’s a welcome distraction from opening your email or scheduling the meeting, inviting the user to experience the wonder of viewing an intricately-designed art piece or the product design that went into a luxury beer can. In terms of the theory, Muzli is desirable because the design of the extension itself mirrors the aspirational messaging of the products it features. It’s like a curated Pinterest for designers that lives in your new tab, endlessly scrollable for when you have a few extra minutes to be inspired.