Calendly eliminates the need for the back-and-forth conversation of “When are you available?” by streamlining the process of setting up meetings. While not a new concept, Calendly takes your classic clunky scheduling app and implements strategic improvements. The invite presents a graphic of days available, and once you select a day, a list of times appear. The formality of picking a date makes it ideal for setting up interviews — while not an all-encompassing scheduling app, Calendly does one thing and does it well. It prevents many of the user-experience issues that plague scheduling apps — for example, it clearly lists the time zone and location of the meeting to avoid erring on either end. The graphic calendar interface also sets it apart from apps like Doodle, as the user has a clear visual of the days of the week and can visualize the event in their calendar. Of course, I also love Calendly because of its sleek design. The rounded edges and thin lines convey modernity while also being distinctive enough to set it apart from your cookie cutter “gradient illustration” site.