The Vlog Squad is a group of friends who vlog their daily lives together on YouTube. The leader of the Vlog Squad is David Dobrik and he started on Vine in 2013. Now he posts two to three times a week of 4 minute and 20 seconds of an action-packed sequence of he and his friends doing extreme and ridiculous things. An interesting design aspect is some parts of his “vlog” is a semi-skit and scripted. However, because it is incorporated into a vlog style, the watcher sometimes doesn’t notice that it is scripted. The sometimes borderline vulgar humor and the brevity of the vlogs make them addicting to watch. The vlogs are also released so frequently that they will appear at the top of your newest YouTube recommendations for what to watch. Because his vlogs feature his friends, many of them have also started their own YouTube channels as well as released vlogs and merchandise. David now has 12 million subscribers at 22 years old. His following grows exponentially as he occasionally features celebrities like Kendall Jenner who party with him in his vlogs.