Finding the best door solution for low sports cars has always been a struggle. Normally sports cars have large doors which means that their difficult to open whitout hitting other cars. That again means their difficult to find a parking spot for. Sports cars manufacturers have tried all kinds of creative solutions, which they think solves the problem, scissor doors, gullwing doors etc.   When Koenigsegg introduced the dihedral synchro-helix door mechanism, the automotive world loved it because of its unique looks and genius practicality. The mechanism still remains unique in cars today.   The door opens outwards and upwards at the same time, which is very practical as it minimizes the space taken between the cars and avoids both street curbs and garage ceilings. On the newer Koenigsegg models, the mechanism is now robotized, so you can open the door by just pressing a button. It’s a spectacular thing to watch.