I love Reddit. What I find most appealing about the platform is how it is able balance so many interesting yet completely different subject matters on one site and somehow have it all make sense. Historically, news and information have been separated in such a way that if you wanted film/media information you’d visit one website, while if you wanted technology information you’d visit another website. Reddit doesn’t necessarily distance itself from this mold too much because it’s communities are still largely focused on one subject matter, but what it does is allow for these different communities to exist on the same feed. My interests are varied and rapidly changing, so it’s easier to consume content on Reddit because I can experience film/media, tech, and a brief funny video intermission, all within the span of a few seconds. And because there is an element of anonymity, you’re encouraged to be a bit more passionate about some topics that you otherwise might have been more conservative with because you don’t have that looming social pressure to conform like other social media platforms. Finally, there are a ton of hilarious people on Reddit, and that’s always a positive thing to surround yourself with.