WIG: LifeStraw

by general

LifeStraw is a product that changes your outdoor experience by allowing you to explore past the boundaries you used to be comfortable traveling. The most important resource a person needs to survive is water, and access to clean/safe drinking water is hard to find in the backcountry. It is even more onerous to carry around all the water you need for a backpacking trip. These limit the ranges people are able to travel to, as well as the distances of their trips. LifeStraw is a large straw that allows a person to filter dangerous particles and contaminants out of water sources. The straw has a hollow filter membrane that only allows anything smaller than 0.2 microns to pass through. It also contains a carbon capsule that absorbs chemicals like chlorine and pesticides. LifeStraw is also available in multiple other forms such as a water bottle, a water bag, and larger container for groups. LifeStraw can be purchased specifically for removing bacteria, microplastics, and parasites, viruses, chemicals, or lead.

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