A good notebook can make you smarter, or at least make you feel smarter. I recently bought a Rollbahn Spiral A5 Size Notebook from Need Supply, one of my favorite online retailers. Since I’ve been back in school, notebooks have been essential to my daily life. I found myself wanting something that felt more elevated than your typical leather(ish?) bound moleskine. I came across these Rollbahn notebooks, which seemed to satisfy what I was looking for, namely size, color and quality. Size is a big factor for me in choosing a notebook and I find my A5 sized Rollbahn nearly perfect. It’s slightly larger than “Large” moleskine but still well short of a 8.5 x 11 in piece of paper. The paper is also grid-ruled, which is my preference with moleskine notebooks primarily because it makes me feel more creative when i’m taking notes; I’m less bound to the rigidity of only horizontal lines, but also supported in a way that blank pages could never. Anyway, colors. I bought this Rollbahn in a metallic silver color that comes adorned with what appears to be a poem written in German. This, and the name Rollbahn, would make you think this is the product of a German company but, surprisingly, these notebooks are made by a Japanese stationary company called Delfonics. I’ve googled to find out what the poem says but I’m not even explaining that here because the meaning bears so little on why I enjoy this notebook. I find myself drawn to the color of the text, a navy blue that pairs well with the metallic cover and matches the elastic strap. You don’t need to understand the words to see that this notebook looks like a piece of art. The quality construction of this notebook rounds out its looks and makes it a joy to use daily. The cover flips open and lays flat on a table, allowing me to write without holding it down. The spiral binding is solid and tightly coiled to where I’ve had no trouble with it getting caught on things or unspooling. The perforated pages in this notebook take ink incredibly well, kind of like how craft paper for drawing does. Last, the back of this notebook has a few plastic slips that work great for business cards or single page documents that can be folded up and stored. This notebook nails the visual components that I was really looking for in an upgrade from a basic moleskine but also delivers on the functional factors that make it pleasant to use frequently. https://needsupply.com/rollbahn-spiral-notebook-a5-size.html