Finally, I tried Glossier, one of the pioneers of those cosmetic brands born out of social media. At first, I was disappointed by how tiny the cloud paint cream blush tube is. It is similar to the size of a lip balm, which is unexpected for an 18 dollar product. It was not until I started using it that I made sense of the packaging. You really don’t need more than half a pea size of the product to achieve the natural glowing blush look since the formula is so pigmented. Think about it – when is the last time you actually finish your make-up product? At least I rarely do. The small size can be something desirable too. It can easily fit in even the smallest make-up bag. To apply it, you only need your fingertips, whereas the traditional powder blush requires the use of brushes. The easy-to-use, casual experience of the cloud paint blush well reflects Glossier’s values of facilitating everyday essentials.