WIG: Grammarly

by general

As an ESL student, I find Grammarly very helpful for checking my English writing. After installing the online plugin, Grammarly makes correction recommendation as you write in any interface – email, google doc, design survivor blog, etc. The best part I find is the synonym suggestion function. When I am writing a paper, I used to have a synonym searching website open and toggle back and forth between Microsoft word and the browser. Grammarly plugin eliminates the need to open a separate interface. The interaction is made extremely simplistic – single click for grammar/spelling correction and double click for synonym/definition suggestions. I have been using the free version which meets most of my needs already. The premium version is a subscription-based service that costs about 30 dollars a month, which is probably more desirable for professional writers than students who only need it for those 2 months in a year when terms papers are due.

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