WIG: The Gucci Belt


In 2018, the black leathered, double-G Gucci Belt took the world by storm, and was listed as the #1 fashion item in highest demand. How did a $450-$600 belt rise so high, and become such a staple fashion icon? First and foremost, the belt has been worn on the hips of too many celebrities to count, definitely contributing to its being seen as a luxury – almost necessary – item. Notable celebrities range from Kourtney Kardashian to Vanessa Hudgens to Jennifer Aniston. The Guardian attributes the majority of Gucci’s success to millennials, citing that over half of all Gucci sales made in 2017 were from customers under the age of 35 (source), particularly due to millennials’ desire to sport and support the “outsiders” which, in this case, was Gucci. The Gucci belt itself, however, is perhaps so successful due to its being simultaneously subtle yet flashy. A black belt can be worn with nearly any outfit, so a black belt which boasts a hefty price tag can turn any outfit into a luxury look, and allow consumers to get a greater “bang for their buck” in terms of how often they can rock the look.

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