These ubiquitous water bottle fillers have made their way into gyms, cafeterias, and athletic facilities. They’re also some of the best examples of Cialdini’s social proof. With the rise of the sustainability movement and the luxury reusable products that support it (Hydroflask, Swell, and the like), it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to be green.   The automated sensor expedites the process of filling up your water battle. While the ezH2O may seem like an ordinary water station, the number it displays is a powerful way to make users feel like part of a larger movement.   My main gripe with the product is that it fills surprisingly slowly, and there’s a small amount of water wasted when you’re removing your bottle from underneath the tap. In addition, the location of the water bottle filler relative to the water fountain itself makes people feel like they can’t use both functions in parallel — it’s too awkward to have the water-filling person reach around the drinking person to retrieve the bottle when it’s full. However, despite these design flaws, I do appreciate the display for bringing environmental awareness to each user and reminding us of the larger impact we can all have.