Yes, I have an umbrella hat. Why? Well, at first I got it because I thought it was funny. You never expect a guy with a multi-colored umbrella hat to walk past you at the beach, so I considered the few laughs I’ve gotten out the hat to already be worth the price. However, one day I wore the hat un-ironically…and I enjoyed it. I couldn’t find my bug hat (shameless plug for my other WIG), so I used this instead and I’ll be the first to admit how effective it is. First, unlike other headwear, this hat does a great job at not messing up your hair which is greatly appreciated. Next, it’s really easy to store because it folds up like a normal umbrella (not to mention how satisfying the opening/closing mechanism is). Finally and unsurprisingly, it’s great at keeping the sun out of your face as well as a good part of your chest and back because, well, it’s an umbrella. There’s really not much more to say; it’s an umbrella that you put on your head.