Waldron is a smart approach to individualized fashion styling. This app startup takes a user’s style preferences through a survey and uses convoluted neural networks and image recognition to populate style recommendations. Clothing and accessories are suggested through stated preferences, as well as through body shape and price range. The user is able to easily search through and filter their content. Through this app, users are exposed to new style inspirations and looks which are all purchasable. Users can explore personalized look books digitally while also being offered the option to own the items in real life, making Waldron a centralized platform for a person’s style. This app is desirable to someone like me because when I think about how I gain my fashion inspirations now, they seem to be accidental or serendipitous (I see an outfit I like on the street, I see a pair of earrings I like on Instagram). Waldron, on the other hand, allows me to be intentional and effective in my fashion finding.