Reformation is an LA-based fashion brand that, according to their tag-line, “makes killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.” What makes Reformation different? The entire circle of production ranging from receiving fabric, designing the clothing, photographing for e-commerce, to shipping the products is done in their innovative eco-facility in LA. All of their clothes are made from repurposed vintage clothing and deadstock fabric. Although their age range is limited to women in their 20-30s, they do a good job at bringing diversity to their target audience, offering a big variety of plus-sized clothing.  Due to the nature of the materials Reformation uses, all of their clothing is made in limited editions. This scarcity makes their products more desirable for buyers and, at the same time, allows them to experiment with different styles. Reformation extensively descirbes their sustainable practices on their website, ranging from the manufacturing of their clothing to only operating in “green business”-certified stores. They also only sell their products online and in their own stores, choosing not to go the traditional retail route to avoid markups and ensure minimum environmental impact of the spaces they use. They publicize their annual reports on sustainability and their environmental impact, and say that, “Big companies report their profits in quarterly earnings reports. We think companies should be accountable for more than just profits. That’s why we send you guys our quarterly sustainability report so we can track our progress together.” This shows the distinction they are making between themselves and other brands, which they are actively marketing to their customers, who are, in the end, willing to pay a higher price to support the brand’s cause. Reformation is a great example of a brand that persuades their buyers to believe in the importance of their cause.