Dominic Wilcox is a British artist and inventor who create objects that questions the notion of everyday life. His work may be conceived by most as “ridiculous” as he said himself, but if one looks past the questionable functionality of his projects, most of his pieces are quite beautifully designed and crafted. The argument he is trying to make is that through creating objects that perform in ways people do not necessarily deem useful, it redefines what we consider sane and normal. The above gif is Wilcox trying on his reversed hearing headphones (where audio left of him is rerouted to his right ear), and more here the full video of his projects directed by Liam Saint-Pierre. His many inventions include bird listening (as opposed to bird watching), inverse bungee (where a small piece of land is tied and thrown down at the ‘jumper’ who stands still on the ground) and many more. These may not be products that can be commercialized or are desired by the general public, but they undoubtedly provide the user an experience from a radically different perspective. Who is to judge whether these inventions are successful or complete failures?