People standing in long lines to wait for their fast-food salads – wouldn’t that sound crazy 10 years ago? Sweetgreen is a revolutionary fast-food brand that offers healthy, high quality organic salads that can be either built from scratch by customers or chosen from the chain’s menu that changes depending on the season and location. With a chic, fresh, and environmental interior, Sweetgreen offers people a quick meal without sacrificing high quality of ingredients. Its rise from a salad chain to a cult that has taken the US by a storm is very unique and makes me question what separates it from many other healthy-food chains. It’s important to note Sweetgreen’s devotion to its core values on all levels, ranging from sticking to local ingredients to its website design and choice of interior; for instance, they strive “to preserve and expose the natural structure of a building, no matter the cost,” according to their website. When you buy a salad at Sweetgreen, you also feel like you’re contributing to sustainability and “keeping it real,” as the company’s motto reads. In fact, one of Sweetgreen’s core values is “win, win, win,” as their website lists, which means that “the company wins, the customer wins, the community wins.” Their emphasis on taking the experience of eating at Sweetgreen further than ordering a salad to contributing to something bigger is an crucial aspect of their brand-building.