When I moved to Boston and started furnishing my apartment, I had no idea what I wanted in the place, but because our space is a little awkwardly-shaped – a small living room and a large kitchen — we had to take on smaller, multi-purpose furniture instead of larger pieces that couldn’t be moved.   Enter the midcentury bench we bought on Wayfair. I loved the way it was designed – the legs were inside the seat of the bench, so it was very easy to assemble, while also not looking quite like IKEA furniture, which feels a little cliché when you hit a certain age (sorry TARVA bed and BILLY bookcase, I still love you).   This bench serves so many purposes: sometimes it’s a footrest, sometimes it’s a meal tray while watching tv, and often it’s extra seating when we have company for dinner and need more spaces to eat together. It strikes an ideal intersection between comfort and mutli-function.