Bank Heist is a collaborative game for mobile where communication is required to advance through a series of challenges. The task at hand is collaborating to rob a band. This type of deviant behavior makes for a fun experience with a group of people who would never actually undertake such a thing. In the game, players have disparate information and will need to quickly communicate back and forth in order to solve each challenge. There are four characters (Mastermind, Hacker, Cat Burglar and Technician) and each challenge is designed with their specialties in mind. Bank Heist is intended to help people to improve their communication skills as players need to communicate instructions on how to solve challenges back and forth. The strategy is in players finding the most efficient ways to communicate the clues they have to the relevant characters on their team. Bank Heist is a fun, interactive addition to a night with friends. It’s a great way to get to know people through working together towards the same goal and assisting each other in the process. You can even increase the stakes of the game by competing with another team and seeing who robs the bank in a shorter amount of time!