I recently posted an Instagram story that featured a white Swell bottle branded with the MIT Sloan logo. A friend of mine, who is far more into outdoor activities than I am, sent me a message that read, “Drop that well and get a hydro flask bro. Or a better 50/50.” This message triggered me to reflect on what I wanted from a water bottle, something I now carry on my person at all times. I looked into my friend’s recommendation and thought, “Maybe I’ll buy a larger bottle since I find myself refilling my 16 oz Swell bottle often.” I opted for the 32 oz wide-mouth Hydro Flask in an army green color that I thought really screamed “outdoors.” I’ve been using this bottle for the last few months and I find myself marveling at the design often. The outer coating has a subtle grained finish that prevents the bottle from slipping out of your hand when wet or sweaty. The wide-mouth top makes it easy to refill and drink out of and the top creates an absolutely leak-proof seal. The top also features a really durable rubber band that makes the bottle easy to carry. The performance of the bottle, in terms of keeping water cold, is great but I can’t say that it’s noticeably different than my old Swell bottle. Overall, I much prefer my new Hydro Flask because it solves a few key problems that I had with my old Swell bottle, having to refill it often and having it slip out of my hands.