Form Equals Function


The Naga is a 12-buttoned mouse designed and marketed specifically to PC gamers, produced by Razer, a gaming PC and peripherals manufacturer. Conventionally, the design of gaming mice have always struggled between form and function. They typically have to accommodate the gamer’s desire to keymap multiple skill buttons on a single mouse (especially true for MMORPGs where one acquires more skills towards endgame), and at the same time maintain an aesthetic that yells “I am a cutting-edge, aggressively ornate gaming mouse”. Razer, being the first in the industry to invent a mouse with this many buttons, came up with a simple yet elegant solution to put a keypad on the side of the mouse. What makes the Naga extraordinary is not the amount of keys it is able to accommodate for games, but the fact that the keypad on the mouse makes it a perfect productivity mouse. The keys can be used as-is: number 1-9 keys for inputs and quick calculations. But where it really shines is each key can be customized to perform a specific function: software shortcuts, executing specific commands in CAD software, used for tools or scripts in photoshop or illustrator and more. Oh and, all the buttons light up in 16.8 million different colors too.

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