Chocolatexture is a boxed chocolate confectionary designed by Nendo, a Japanese design studio known for their product design, furniture and interior projects. Traditionally, commercially available chocolates are often marketed with the product’s cocoa quality: country of origin, kind, percentage content, technique of the chocolatier etc. The design of this product, however, stresses an emphasis in the chocolate’s form instead of the ingredients that make up the flavor of the chocolate, arguing that texture can alter taste. Whether or not Nendo’s argument is true is open to interpretation but the idea that texture can create or alter flavors has been explored in other mainstream commercial products such as the Cadbury Flake bar. What is remarkable about the Chocolatexture is Nendo’s intention to reinvent one’s relationship between their senses and space – something architects have been meddling with since the beginning of the discipline – by utilizing an understanding of spatial variation at the scale of food, intended for taste buds instead of the human body.