Sydney Carlson is a LA-based entrepreneur who founded Wildflower cases, a handmade iPhone case business, and has developed an Instagram following of 392K. Carlson has also been a YouTuber since 2013 and has 120K subscribers who now watch her occasional vlogs. In a time period when people want to know every intimate detail about the celebrity lifestyle, Carlson is able to give her followers a glimpse with a gutsy lens, even more so when she started a film photography account in October 2017. Pictures from her party life are now accessible to 29.6K followers to her second Instagram account and a linked Tumblr account. Although not without periodical content gaps, her social media accounts continue to be updated. Carlson uses the current trend towards film photography and general popular early 2000’s items in her favor as she “begin(s) capturing her life on film and publishing her story in an old school style”. When celebrities try to pretend to be more sober or innocent than they are, it feeds a public desire to find their crazy hidden lives, but Carlson makes that part of her life very public, fulfilling some of that desire. Because Carlson realizes that she can use these to not only capture moments in her life, but also that there is an audience for her content, she is able to design another business. On her whitewinekindasweet website, she started to sell coffee books of her images, including some that haven’t been posted before, for $70 apiece. More recently, she has also started to sell sweatshirts with her brand. She is able to make something she picked up as a personal pastime into profit.