WIG: Todoist

by general

To-do lists come in all forms, from scrawled pen on folded napkins to “I-just-did-my-first-React-tutorial” basic text and default checkboxes. At its most basic level, the checklist is an incredibly low-fidelity concept. Yet the company Doist has a team of almost 70 people working to improve the way it works.   ToDoist is one of those Chrome extensions that leaves you more satisfied after using it. It’s a tried-and-true idea — the checklist — elevated to a clean user-interface. The branding is mean to evoke feelings of tranquility and productivity, as evinced by the doodle of the bicycling girl that graces your screen when you check off your last task by announcing “You’re all done for the week! #TodoistZero.” Doist took the concept of the checklist and added clean functionality: projects allow you to give labels to your tasks; search allows you to comb through past assignments. Every time you check off a task, it disappears into the archives instead of being marked with a strikethrough — a small detail that feels like it’s rewarding you by decluttering your mind via your workspace. The extension’s use of transparencies and sans-serif fonts evoke feelings of serenity and modernity.   All of this simply reduces the number of cognitive cycles required to keep your day organized. It brings joy into productivity, framing tasks in a pointed tone of calm. Unlike ad-cluttered extensions that demand your attention, Todoist quietly commands it. It’s one of the few extensions that leaves me more satisfied after using it.   Image Credits: Todoist.com and https://www.dandywithlens.com/getting-started-with-todoist/

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